A Tear



I shed a tear today,
one for myself, and one
for others. I shed a tear
on behalf of my brother.
My sister, I know,
will shed many of her own,
but I shed one anyway,
so it be known.
A tear to remind me,
again, of my father, a
bigger one then
for my dear caring mother.
I shed a tear also
for someone unknown,
but I read today
how the flowers have grown.
I shed a tear
for those in pain, and for those
who cannot love again.
I shed a tear for
a missing child, I
shed a tear for
my missing wild.
I shed a tear, knowing,
I must
be stronger,
knowing I may need
to shed them
a little while longer.
I shed a tear
as I try
to be kinder, every
tear I shed a constant
I shed a tear
and then realize
how a tear reminds us
we have eyes.

© 2015 j.g. lewis

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