Mondays are just young Fridays


If I had all the answers,
I would have to know
every question.
If you know
each question,
it leaves little room
for curiosity.
Without curiosity,
there is nothing left
to ask?
We learn by asking,
we live by learning.
We question,
and then question
each answer. Every
Time itself provides
questions, and the
answers are not
always there. So we
keep asking, or waiting
for the answers.
Keep questioning
the how and why, and
the when, and who;
always mindful that
some questions are
not worth asking.
If you ask the question
you must be prepared
for the answer.
I do not have all
the answers, and still
have so many
questions. There is
so much to learn, and
so much to live.
The more you know,
the more you grow.


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