Mondays are just young Fridays


Let’s face it, there are days when
you feel like your notebook: torn,
dog-eared, coming apart at the
seams and a little rough around
the edges. Like you, the notebook
contains thoughts started and
then left hanging, poems not quite
there, or not ready to be shared,
words for someone else, mistakes
made, and reminders of who, why,
or what. It’s not completely filled,
there are ideas with potential,
blank spaces, and several pages
untouched, but you shouldn’t have
to read between the lines to see
where you are going. A notebook
won’t take you anywhere, it is not
who you are, but evidence of where
you have been. As you say goodbye
to another page, it’s time to greet
a brand new day and make a place
for fresh thoughts. Pick up a pencil,
fill each line, and make today
something worth writing about.


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