Mondays are just young Fridays

The thing is; you can keep looking (or trying) to sort it all out, as you go about inserting yourself into other situations to try and prove the merit or worth of the random actions.
  You may uproot yourself and move, even take on another life under the advisement of an old friend, tarot card reader, used car salesman, or by-the-hour soul-healer. All the time you question what went wrong.
  As you recall past mistakes and wonder if they really were (or are), you still ask yourself what’s going on?
  In all these gestures you gallantly stumble forward, stepping through cracks in the surface and the emotional battlefields that lie below. Deep down you know it’s not right.
  You know you have to do what you said you would do.
  So come on, make it happen. Do what you can and wipe the slate clean.
  You are much better when you are honest with yourself, if you know what I mean.

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