Mondays are just young Fridays

A crappy day at the office, or a shitty night’s sleep?
  Which came first?
  It’s very much chicken and egg. Often your sleep will not only affect the day, but reflect your day.
  Troubles in the workplace, difficulties at home or in any corner of your life, can easily come alive, again, at night.
  A poor night’s sleep will linger through the day, and the vicious cycle continues. Often it is not so much how long you have slept, but how deeply.
  Wake today and try to reverse the cycle with a pleasant thought. Remember those things that bring about happiness. For a little while, try to smile about the good things going on rather than fretting about those little bits of unpleasantness that travel in and out of our lives.
  It sounds like a rather simple solution to what could be a complicated issue, but sometimes it is the simple things that make the biggest difference.

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