Mondays are just young Fridays

Doubtful or disparaged, hopeful, hopeless, or just damn happy; everybody feels exactly that way, at some point.
  We are human, each with the capacity for a whole gamut of emotion, and we all go through ups and downs. It is only natural.
  Often we don’t have to think about the highs, but the lows can trigger feelings of inadequacy or worse. Things may not be going as planned, or how you wanted . . . or at all. You get down on yourself, or somebody else, or the whole world that seems to pass you by. You can feel trapped, alone, or unsettled, as if you are the only person who has been through this shit before.
  The uncertainty is unsettling. You feel nobody cares and then begin to care for yourself less than you should. It takes a bit of gumption; it is hard to admit you are not on your game.
  Sometimes you can’t even admit to yourself exactly why you are feeling the way you do.
  But you have to let it out. It will eat you up from the inside if you can’t find an outlet.
  Writing in a journal will, indeed, track your thoughts, and patterns, and may (in the long run) offer answers and insight, but your feelings need a stronger voice.
  Speak up.
  Talk to someone.
  Who will listen? It may be a person close to the situation, or a professional who can offer an outside perspective, perhaps even a friend?
  Your friend may not have any idea what you are experiencing, or know exactly what’s going on, but that should not matter.
  With a friend, you don’t even have to broach the topic.
   Sometimes just talking, making a human connection, and knowing another person is listening is enough to restore some feelings of self-confidence, or put you in a better mind frame.
  Talking lets you know somebody is listening.
  Remember: someone cares; somebody feels, or has felt, just like you.
Everybody feels that way some time.

05/08/2017                        j.g.l.

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