Because You Want To

You know all those things you say
you want to do?
  Do them now.
  Not the laundry, or the paperwork,
or all the stuff that keeps piling up;
it’s those other things you say you
want to do, all those things that
matter to you …
you know what they are.
  Somehow, however, you never
seem to get around to them. You
get too busy doing all those chores
or bringing home office work (yes,
the stuff expected of you), that
you seem to forget what you want
to do. You need to do what is
important to you.
  Take a little time every day to do
something. Pilates, poetry, piano,
crosswords, cross-stitch, antique
refinishing: it does not matter
what the activity or passion is, as
long as you are doing it regularly
for your self.
  Call it “my time”, and do it every
day, or three or five times a week,
just because you want to.
  Do it, and do it now, because, sure
enough, all that other shit is going
to happen anyway.
  Remember: you can’t find now later.
11/07/2017                                               j.g.l.

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