Stained With Deceit

Seconds drag their muddy feet
while humidity gathers, in
remorseful heat.
Bones found in the garden.
Politicians proffer,
a luxury of newfound power,
freshly-polished right-wing
veneer barely hiding contempt
for immigrants, scientists,
and spirit for a welcoming land.
No more room for those
who cannot pay their way,
no more coffee for bureaucrats,
empathy for victims, or
money for a brother’s widow.
Petty cash hidden under a
mattress stained with deceit.
The homeless remain homeless,
the electorate clueless
over all that has transpired.
The rain will dry,
flowers will bloom, and
more bones will grow up from
the garden. A serial killer says
nothing behind bars; politicians
have words for everybody.

07/17/2018                                   j.g.l.

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