No Longer In Shock

By Denise McQuiston

I remember once, it seems like decades ago, hearing that the Earth’s poles were going to shift and all hell would break loose. It sounded scary; I didn’t think much of it after. That was then. Today I do.
We all do.
People in Alaska are probably thinking about it with earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks. Today it’s scary. Fires, record storms, global warming and global cooling, what is next? This question sits on your shoulder waiting to be answered.
The current climate conditions aren’t the only question looming over our shoulders.
The agenda of world leaders is questionable. Election fraud leaves us feeling powerless. Trade policies hurt the planet and all the life it sustains. We want to feel like we have control of policies and our leaders. But we don’t.
We can flee from a hurricane and tornado, but bad leadership is something we must endure and suffer under.
We are no longer in shock of this.
We are over the shock. We are over the anxiety.
We are awake now and in the great fight for our souls.
Amen or R.I.P.

© 2019 Denise McQuiston

Denise McQuiston is a writer, avid photographer, and wanderer who lives in Western Massachusetts. When worlds collide she can be found drining around New England with the music blaring. You can read more of Denise on Facebook Self Healing Movements + Tuina Answers.

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