Canadians Expect Action

The Liberals were handed a minority government last night, a weak mandate from a divided country.
  Justin Trudeau’s government will need the support of other parties to pass any sort of meaningful bill in the immediate future. This will require compromise and cooperation. It may require a coalition.
  Thing is, the leaders of all political parties didn’t seem to accept the results, or the message, that followed a long and often ugly campaign. In fact, most of the politicians sounded like they were still campaigning in their end-of-night speeches. Nobody likes loosing — and even the victor lost a lot in the 40-day race to the polls — but the results are in; now it’s time for our elected officials to get down to the business of building this country up. Again.
  Canadians expect action.
  We cannot afford to waste time, but more importantly, we cannot afford to go back to the polls anytime soon.
  So politicians, it is time to make it work. Show the citizens of this country what you are truly made of.
  Let’s make Canada great; not again, but always.

10/22/2019                                        j.g.l.

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