Time To Look Around

Blessed with unseasonably warm temperatures over the past few days, I decided it was time to dust off the bicycle.

My bike is old but, like me, with a little oil and fresh air it functions remarkably well. Both my body and bike have had a fair share of scrapes through the years and have had a number of parts replaced. They’ve both been around the block a couple a couple of times, but still have plenty of miles left.

The first ride of the year was just a chance to get outside; there was no set route, and no particular destination in mind. It certainly wasn’t full-stream-ahead cycling. Heck, I even stopped and sat in the park for a while.

You notice things more clearly on a bicycle. It’s humane. You’re right there, at street level, and can easily see changes to the neighbourhood. When you move through the same area by car, streetcar or bus, you are more shielded and possibly moving too fast.

I wasn’t the only one out taking advantage of the weather. The parks and streets were full of people, parkas and scarves left at home. It felt better than it has for months.

On a bike, it seems you are allowed a little more time to look around, maybe even the chance to lift your face to the sun and feel the natural warmth.

Ever conscious of the rear-view mirror, as you ride, you mostly look ahead.

That’s where we are all going.

03/10/2020                                    j.g.l.

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