April is Poetry Month


no longer lost

as for a moment, my denial
my arrogance, my ego, slip away
an unblemished reality
    no longer blinded by the above
(the ego or arrogance)
I struggle with a sudden clarity
    no longer,
    no longer frightened of losing
what I have (ego, arrogance)
but of allowing my self
to lose what I have become
as but a moment, my clarity
requires no ego
my arrogance, the unblemished reality
foreseen and foregone
my clarity, if sudden
    no longer in my self
(no ego, nor arrogance)
but in what I become
what I will become
    no longer
    no longer frightening
    no longer at a loss
as for any moment
(of unblemished reality)
no ego or arrogance
will mask what I have become
    no longer losing
    no longer lost
    no longer denied

©2015 j.g. lewis



This month is all about poetry.
Something new every day.

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