Beyond The Dreams


    Just before four
      Or just after
Half moon on the midway
    Floodlights dimmed
Excitement gone with the crowd
  The Ferris wheel rests
    For the night
       A time
      When a stranger
     May more likely meet
              A knife
          Than a smile
   When the power of the sun is
 Nowhere to be seen
 Nowhere known
    Yet the heat is still present
   Reflected and refracted
   From downtown concrete
           The air humid
                  Blocks away
       A high-rise set amongst the clouds
Above the quiet
        Of long-gone crowds
Lovers unite
           Dissolve against
              One another
 Sensual shivers
  In spite of the heat
      Sweat on the brow
 Sweat on the sheets
      Awake or
   What it was
                  It still is
  Even the distance knows
     Still in the city
Still is not calm
    Humanity tucked away from it all
   Others are not
Tormented souls wander the night
       Confounded by loneliness
    Restless youth
       Careless and not knowing
Where they should be
   Where they are
         Silent as a shadow
             And just as flat
  They wait temporarily
      After Time
   Just after four
Or just before
      Someone smiles like a knife
Tonight will fall
            Beyond the dreams that lovers hold
       Beyond the dreams they once were sold
         Out of time
  Out of place
Out of synch with the human race
      Lives now dimmed or cower
  Out of sight
Out of morals
  Out of light
          Unsuspecting souls
     Who know no fate
       Will soon make certain
   An unknown place
Beyond the silence
  Beyond the sight
     Someone else
         Will fall tonight
                 When lovers dissolve
             When lovers unite

©2015 j.g. lewis

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