Poem In Your Pocket



Compact, even folded up,
it can say too little, and mean
so much.

An arrangement of words
takes little space, yet sentiment
carries so much weight.

Thoughts often whispered, language
to be shared, poetry reminds us
words show we care.

TODAY, April 21, is POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY         
Carry with you a favorite poem and share with
family, friends, co-workers, cab drivers, cooks,
a favorite yoga teacher, barista, physician, cobbler,
and panhandler. Strangers will smile, and 
children may well clap, and you may even get
the occasional laugh. Whatever you do, however
you dare, it’s time to show the world poetry cares.                                        


I’m just a person
like you
                  each of us
all of us
    the peace of humility
          A tree
    or leaf
the scent in the breeze
commonly uncommon
as we please         A life
among many
                    we wonder
about our place
we allow
 our minds to question
      our hearts to doubt
Making choices
taking chances
individually we breathe
       Collectively human
    a single you
                           and me
© 2016 j.g. lewis.


April is Poetry Month
something new every day
spread the words

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