April is Poetry Month



I like to think of myself
as comfort, a useful item
that can provide warmth, or dress up
the most casual of moments.
I am totally natural, 100 % wool,
even a vegan would like me,
because they would see the practicality.
I’m dark, yes, but not black . . .
a resplendent charcoal grey that can
compliment, or highlight any colour.
I fit in anywhere, can be slipped
under a topcoat,
or get stuffed in a packsack for later
and, generally, come out looking good.
A bit rumpled, perhaps,
but a crease indicates character.
I make a T-shirt look good,
or prop up a button-down.
You can take me anywhere.
I’m not too thick, can still feel
the slight breeze in the autumn way,
or nipples pressing against me
in a passionate embrace
at the end of a day.
I’m not at all trendy, but fashionable
in a fashion that lasts
for years and years.
I am there, a cardigan. Comfort.
A necessity.
I’m the right size and the right fit;
the right style, for me, as you can see.
© 2015 j.g. lewis

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April is Poetry Month

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