Mondays are just young Fridays




Respected and Admired

As with human to human
interaction, it’s about realizing
what is reflected as much
as the reaction.

You bring an inner light to
every person you greet; family
or community, arbitrary
strangers on the street.

Daily it changes, the shine
not always the same, nor
does it need to be, and
no one is to blame.

It cannot always be an
incandescent 100 watt bulb,
some days, some times, your
power is woefully annulled.

Other times, or certain people,
deserve only 40 watts. It’s
more about the why, when
all has come to naught.

Perhaps the glow of a candle is
all but required. The flame, itself
a beauty, which should be
respected and admired.

Full range of emotion is our
own personal wealth. If we
display only what is expected
we are not true to the self.

                                   © 2016 j.g. lewis




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