Now It Is Time


The past and the present
are light years apart.
You’ve stumbled, and stalled,
and have made several starts.

You wish and you’ve worried
but have always been clear,
there’s far more going on
than what you see here.

Distractions, sheer delusions,
inner-conflict and insight,
a conscious decision not to just
get it done, but get it right.

There’s no point looking back,
it’s not about where you’ve been.
Right now it is time to
wake up and dream.


Mondays are just young Fridays


Vacant afternoon in the August heat,
the summer sun a tactile pleasure.
Perfect for a lazy day.
Find a spot with a little shade, or a
lot of sunscreen in direct light.
Relax with a book; allow your mind
to wander through, and your fingers
to caress, the pages of a mystery,
classic literature, trash fiction, or
Delve into the emotion with devotion,
at your leisure. Find time for an old
favorite, or new romance. Touch the
pages, and let them touch you. Soak up
the words and let the feeling take you
through the week, and beyond.

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