Don’t we all deserve
that kind of day?






Be an original





Mondays are just young Fridays


What is it about this Aries Moon that
demands attention? Even early in the
evening she flaunts all she possesses
while clouds circle; clouds which would
soon shield the light, but not her power.
   Drawn to the Moon, not once but twice
last night, my mind was pulled away
from all that had consumed me the entire
weekend. Luna has often captured my
imagination, but why last night and
why like this?
   These days now, the Moon ever closer
to the earth, we are reminded of our
intentions and of our distractions. This
becomes a period of balance, a time for
ensuring we are prepared for what lies
ahead, and for finding a clarity we know
is required of us.
   This now, right where we are, can be a
place of comfort, a time where we should
allow ourselves to feel deeply, to accept
the kindness offered by others, and to
work a little harder towards our goals.
   There will be pressure (as there always
is) but we can take a lesson from this Full
Moon and remember that our light is
there, even when it can’t be seen.

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