cloud songs


 A mix of emotions, shadows 
          of friendships past,
               promises unfulfilled,
            slight hints of sorrow
 obscure the judgment required.
              Dawn calls attention
       to matters at hand, a signal
    to push aside frustrations
                        and rise above
             the tedium.
           Recognize the wonder.
              Realize both the
          true vast colour
               behind the shades
            and what can
                                 be found in
                 this fundamentally
                      miraculous day.


November Rain


wet pavement
                          and leaves
      incense for a time
      the scent reaching for
              when and how
                    november rain
  washing away the silence
              striking down fear
we sit
saying nothing
        all has been forgotten
all we know is real
you want to believe
what you tell yourself
confusing confusion with
             and bewilderment
truth will last
longer than the rain
washing away the silence
           pulling off the pain

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