A day has come. Today is here.
Yes, it is only a day, but it doesn’t
have to be just another day.
It will not be any old day, because
it is brand sparkling new, and it
hasn’t even had the chance, yet,
to grow old.
There has never been a day like
today, so you can’t even think of it
as one of the few remaining in this
year. To do so would not be fair,
to this day or any other.
Let this day play out as you have
with all the ones that have passed
you by. Make the best of it. Today
has no past, not until yesterday
comes along and starts talking up
all those wonderful tomorrows.
And that’s not right.
Let today be what it is, don’t let
something else decide what it
would or could be. You can make
this day what you want it to be, so 
why let anything else influence
the kind of day can have.
Have a good day. Make it your own.
Soon enough it will just become
another yesterday, but not today.


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