Mondays are just Fridays


Where are we going, and when will it stop?

All this endless back and forth, the rush to get there and then the race to get back. Along the way there is simply not enough time to get everything done, and even then you question whether it was completed properly, or effectively, or at all.

How can I schedule adequate time, how can I do it when I know it’s not all mine?

We budget and allocate, append all our actions when we find a mistake, and still the time keeps ticking on. How much more do you need, or will it take long? How can we slow down or find a place to stop? Where can we catch our breath, or rethink, or remember things we forgot?

We come to expect too much of ourselves (and equally of others), so what would happen if we lessened the demands? If each of us slowed down, if we found a few minutes of stillness each day, wouldn’t we all be better off individually and as a community?

Yes, the bills must be paid, and we all have our jobs and collective responsibilities to keep up with, but what if we all lessened our load, just a bit? If we all strived to relax more, just a little bit more, wouldn’t we quickly see stress levels depleted.

What if we all tried?

What if it worked?

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