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Her poems have always offered a glimpse into the questioning mind, and there have been biographies and textbook studies, but the new movie A Quiet Passion now adds more clarity into the life of Emily Dickinson.
  I’m not a big fan of period pieces, but Dickinson has long been a poetry “crush” of mine. I recognized, and related to, the loneliness of the poems when I was first introduced in about Grade 7.
  I knew little of her life, then, but was in awe of the complexities of the themes, dedicated structure and, for the most part, brevity of her work.
  The movie, beautifully filmed with gorgeous period costuming, paints the picture we know of the American poet’s reclusive life, and shows her uncompromising style as it comes to life on her handwritten page.
  Cynthia Nixon plays the role so well, the dialogue is true to the times, and the script is more than sprinkled with Dickinson’s eloquent verse.
  Dickinson (whose fame never arrived until after her death) lived a quiet life, but a life worth celebrating. A Quiet Passion does this so well.

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