A Simple Smile

This week a woman reported that she smiled at “a lot of people” one day and it made her feel better as a person.
  A friend of mine, yesterday, Retweeted a quote about a smile and, upon reading it, I smiled. It was a Martha Stewart quote, and I’m not sure if the sentiment made me smile, or if it was a thought of the person who Tweeted me, but either way, I smiled.
  It felt good.
  I’m not sure I smile enough.
I’m not sure, at times, that I . . . or we, as a society, have enough to smile about these days. Or maybe we don’t smile enough, so there is less to smile about.
  We’ve all heard the credo that it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown. Or the phrase ‘turn that frown upside down’.
  I’m not going to get into my convoluted theory of emotions when just the thought of a simple smile will do.   There is no need to complicate such a wonderful expression, and one of the easiest ways to brighten a day.
  A smile is a powerful thing. Simply allowing a smile to grace your lips will change your view of the outside. Inside it will release specially-flavored hormones that will deepen your reflection of the world.
  And it will deepen and brighten the lives of those around you, even total strangers.
  It’s a reciprocal thing,
  We all need more to smile about, thus we all need to smile more.
  How about this weekend (like beginning right now) we all make a point of smiling more.
  Smile at your family, or coworkers, at the barista, that grumpy IT guy at the office, or the cop on the corner.
  Smile at your boss, or her boss, or the panhandler who hits you up every single morning (it might be time to give him something and smiles cost nothing).
  Just try, just this weekend, and let’s see if we can spread a little more joy and happiness.
  It never hurts to try.

Smile by smile, one at a time,
we can make a difference.
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