Mondays are just young Fridays

What defines a miracle in these days of instant access and rapid advancement?
  Could it be something as simple, or as natural, as today’s solar eclipse? Events of this type do happen with some regularity, though years and decades apart. In the big picture of time and the universe, you might even call them common. They simply happen when they do, despite what we do on this earth.
  This year’s eclipse is expected to be the most viewed ever.
  Could it be we are counting on something so far beyond our control that it will qualify as a miracle in a time when we are looking for magic?
  We are all waiting for a miracle, it is our nature.
 We, as humans, are always looking for something more, something better, or something significant, when instead we should consider each day on this planet is exactly that – a miracle.
  Whether this eclipse is magic or just a once-in-awhile celestial event, we need to stop for a moment and observe.
  Celebrate the darkness, as the moon blocks out the sun, and respect the change of scenery before the light comes back and reminds us of the issues and ugliness we deal with on a daily basis. Moments matter.
  Maybe an eclipse is a miracle; it certainly would have been for our ancestors tens of thousands of years ago. I know the total eclipse I witnessed 1979 left an impression. I know I will stand up on the roof today and see how even a partial eclipse can change my perspective.
  Maybe this eclipse is enough to satisfy our need for a miracle, or maybe this is just a sign.
  Maybe we need validation that earth is on course, that we continue revolving on our axis, and the planets will align as they should.
  Or maybe the solar eclipse is just a shot of normal, at a time when everything is so painfully surreal?
  Look around today.
  Whether you choose to see the eclipse as magic, or just a little nighttime in the middle of the day, we need to remember we all share the same sky.
  Maybe today, just for a moment, we can all enjoy something together.

08/21/2017 j.g.l.

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