Mondays are just young Fridays

Today, again, it is
worth a try. We all have that
something we want to do, or
quit doing. Emotions,
addictions, habits or
convictions, some of them
simply are not healthy.
We know it, but still
we keep doing it.
We’ve tried before to give up,
but we give in.
So today
we will try again
to put something down,
or pick something up.
It is by trial and error,
but still we must
deal with or try, and continue
asking the questions why.
It takes power; willpower
and more. We know.
We have tried before, and have
tried again. Over and over.
At times the words
of someone else
may strengthen your resolve,
but you know
you must
do it on your own.
So today we will try again,
and tomorrow as well.
Only you can know, only
you can tell.
09/11/2017                                             j.g.l.

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