Mondays are just young Fridays

Take a close look at who, and what, you are.
  Every little thing, each major accomplishment, or act of courage or cowardice, is accounted for in your being. How you spend your time, the days and years where you discover emotions and experience, add up to where you are now.
  Your character is the result of lessons learned and bridges burned, morals and mindset formed by each person and every place you have crossed on the path.
  Life is lived in layers.
  What you do and where you have been is sometimes unseen, other times it shows, but not everything is there.
  You can’t relive the realities you witness, as it comes and goes, but you can make use of what you know.
  You shouldn’t take for granted the experiences that led you to so much.
  The particulars and personalities, even if they are not with you, remain a part of all you are.
  Don’t be afraid of showing how deep your layers go.
11/13/2017                                        j.g.l.

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