Mondays are just young Fridays

Our actions are defined by our intentions, or they should be.
  How a situation presents itself immediately appeals or engages with our pre-sets; the morals, ethics, and internal rules of order we, generally, abide by.
  We pre-condition ourselves by what we have experienced in the past. These are our learned behaviours or patterns.
  We do what we do because of what we have done.
  We may act accordingly but, more importantly, how we interact with others is often shaped by previous experience. Sometimes this is required; other times it places limits on what we can or can’t do because of the fear that has built up over time.
  We set rules to protect our being.
  This, in many ways, can be safe but not always satisfying.
  What would happen if you were to react differently?
  What if you gave a circumstance or emotion another chance?
  Would you expand your horizons or would you, once again, find yourself humbled or hurt?
  Only you know the right action.
02/26/2018                                  j.g.l.

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