My Worth Is Spoken

by Carolyn Riker

I believe
if this were a different lifetime,
we’d be more than passing
as midnight fireflies.
I see this in the corner of
your eyes; such smiles rub
my wild and yet your tease
eliminates my needs when
you feel uncomfortable
you reinstate your prestige.
We dance over the obvious.
Too shy to say why.
It’s touched a note deep inside
of how often I’m seen
as if invisible.
You know it hurts
how much unsaid
is spoken in all the ways
you try to hide
but still, it shows,
I’m just another token.
You aren’t the first
but you are the last
because I finally know
my worth is what needs
to be spoken.

©2018 Carolyn Riker

Photography by Abena Buahene

Carolyn (Riker) Avalani is a licensed counselor, teacher, writer and poet. A frequent contributor to numerous online journals and anthologies, her first book of poetry and prose Blue Clouds  was published December 2016.
Between sips of coffee, navigating life with copious writing and daydreaming, Carolyn offers creative writing workshops, coaching and private counseling. To find out more please visit

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