Soulful Words

Poetry: the language of life.
  A rhyme or rhythm like the days themselves, any time of the week or year, poetry is honesty.
  April is Poetry Month. That the month begins under a full moon is as exciting as it is inspiring.
  This is a time for open thoughts, reflection, and communication with those you love, those you don’t, and with your own self.
  It’s wonderful that Poem Kubili, which has been silent for too long, is coming back; a reawakening of sorts. I look forward to writing again with my international friends. Poetry matters. You matter.
  Poetry Month is always exciting for me. Yes, I often write poetry and prose (some may call it an obsession, but for the entire month of April, I write nothing else.
  Each day, every day, you will find my poetic thoughts here on
  Please drop by when you can as I share my life, my love, and my honesty.
03/31/2018                                           j.g.l.

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