Words For Someone Else

“I can’t keep up the calls”
I feel “Sadness..
Because some people will think ..
She is hard on me., forgotten time..
Why can’t she,
See, or even “Feel with me!?”
But that’s not “truth–
I can say, with no regret
My heart is “Occupied”
Our souls have met..
I am in Love
And Love is in me..
Which feels like, a constant Shelter..
I have to follow “My Path”..
To live My.. Life
I need my “Freedom”
to follow my –Soul..
Time ..
I need so much..
Time is “Rude on me, I must
follow “My Heart”
I’ve tried to live a life
for “All..
Consuming all of my heart beats,
To fulfill my goals for being kind ,
“A Heart Wearing Soul”

All at once..
To give, and show..
That I Am ..
Nice .. I try to say,
In so many ways,
That I can care
That I can hope..
That I can love
That I can grow..
I Am worth full.

Sur ma route..
Yes I know
Just to Be ..
And breathe
And feel ..Free
Just like that
To give, and take..
And letting my heart rest,
where it wants to go..
Where it belongs,
My Shelter .. “Home”
Where it wants to stay..

“I can’t keep up the calls”
But need you to know..
You are worth full,
in your own way
We all need to sing our own song,
That’s the beauty of Life..
To care
To hope..
To love
To grow..
You have to follow
the beauty of your Soul.
Your path, and don’t think at All..
Trust in the rhythm of your Heart

And believe that one day,
you Will
say; ” I can’t keep up the calls..”

@2018 Lisette Kiene

Lisette Kiene lives in Gouda, The Netherlands. 
Lisette is a graphic designer & owner of a Creative Soul. 
She is a believer of an endless destination, naturally. 
She transforms thoughts and whisperings into writing. 
She follows her own melody.


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