Unwarranted Wisdom

Wander past protest. Diligently
steer clear of subversive sideshows,
empty calories of high drama
choreographed by pitiful politicians,
misdirected clergy, and brothers who
should know better. Question
assumed authority; freaks and geeks
who covet anomalous theories and
ignorant examples of formless function
offered by so many,
of use to so few.

Succumb not pellucid attempts
to possess precious thought,
initiative, or flesh. Unwarranted wisdom
improperly proffered remains
obvious. Out of context, out of order,
outwardly impotent. Bartered blood boils
for many reasons, least of which
this demoralizing atrophy of
a placid pay-as-you-go society
living on credit,
but offering none.

© 2018 j.g. lewis


Poem Kubili
Casting Shadows

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