Mondays are just young Fridays

Our minds and our screens are flooded, daily, with information and images from known and unknown sources. Everybody wants to catch your eye, it is plain to see, yet many times the message is as flat as the screen in your hand.
  You begin to question motives, manners, and the actual message (often 280 characters or less). It’s getting worse, really, as people or corporations are trying harder to get noticed in this sea of unrecognizability.
  We are all looking for information or entertainment, and we click evermore frequently on the devices which have become the way we communicate in this digital age.
  I am clicking more, but I know I have to question, more frequently, what I am finding in front of me.
  We all do.
  I guess it’s about authenticity, as you try to go beyond what you see.
  Look at all that is there; the flawless facade diverts attention from what is inside. Advertising is often this way (always has been), liking the sizzle over the steak or the icing instead of the cake; there is a focus on an image that can only be skin deep.
  The body is buff, impeccably dressed, a smile full of teeth, the package presented in perfect condition, but the content that comes out of the mouth is far less than expected.
  You begin to question what is really there.
  I’m looking for originality.
  Honesty, even in its awkwardness, is always preferable. You should say what you mean, and mean what you say. How else can you expect to get through this day to day?
  Seek the meaning in the words and celebrate those which mean something to you.
  We are all looking for meaning.
  I’m looking, now especially, for more clarity. I am looking to write all I can see, flaws and all.

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