More Than Being There

Motherhood is a hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, connection formed by being there.

Two years now I have watched the most beautiful bond develop between a child, and a mother who thought she may never be. It has become so obvious that this kind of love is more than DNA.

The woman had never expressed to her family the desire to be a parent, yet she — one who always held such a tight relationship with her own mother — decided in her teenage years that motherhood was something she wanted to experience.

A single woman who had developed a successful business, she put off a lot of personal stuff as the business prospered and met goals and objectives until she decided she could not ignore her personal goal any longer.

A few years back she announced to her family the intention to adopt.

Two years ago, after all the legal and leg work that is part of the process, she got the call. Her baby had been born.

Life changes, just like that.

This child has been given a full and complete life with loving aunts and uncles, a doting grandfather, and cousins who arrived about the same time. The mother, a good friend to so many, has support beyond her close family. You hear the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, well this child was born into one happy, committed village.

The woman has also been given the complete life she was craving, and one she deserves. In the process she has changed. Perhaps not in ways immediately noticeable, as I’ve only been learning or getting to know her further through the past years, I can see the changes.

I can see the love. I can see this child becoming so much like her Mom. I see traits and habits, and similarities, as this pair adjust to each other. Adoption was only a process for realizing a relationship that was meant to be.

Motherhood is not about flesh and blood, not always. Motherhood is more than being there. Motherhood, certainly in this case, is an opportunity for learning, and for growing, and for being who you were meant to be.

Children learn by watching, intuition, and trial and error.

Mothers learn by watching, intuition, and trial and error.

Nature and nurture equal forces, we all learn by watching and experiencing life and love.

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  1. Gosh. Gorgeous photograph. My heart. I love this line:’Adoption was only a process for realizing a relationship that was meant to be.’
    Thank you as always, J.g

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