I Am Canada

We are shaped by our environment.
Where we live, the places we call home, offer inspiration and opportunities for growth.
The everyday education we receive becomes the wisdom we know.
We learn, and we love, where we are.
I live in Canada.
I have learned a great deal just by being here.
My history is rooted in that of this country.
It is where I am, and where I am from.
I know no other country, not in this way, but I am proud to call my country my home.
I am Canada, as much as it is me.
The country is as flawed as I am, but we all keep working to make this a better place for all of us; those who were born here, and those who arrive here, and make this their home.
Today is Canada Day.
Today is a great day to call this country home.

07/01/2018                                      j.g.l.

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