Mondays are just young Fridays

It’s the darkness.
Some days it is the lessened daylight, other times it is the deeper thoughts. We all have moments where life seems more difficult and it feels like we have fewer methods of coping.
The darkness is not only what you see, but how you feel.
It’s important to recognize when those close to you are having problems, and even more crucial to realize this in yourself. Most times a solution is not readily available, but it never hurts to talk it through.
Sometimes all you need to do is listen; people just need to know they are being heard.
Have that conversation.
The problem may still exist when you are done talking, but you will have shone some light onto the issue. That alone can help break through the darkness and allow a crack for the light to slip on through.
Are you talking, or listening?

11/19/2018                                          j.g.l.

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