A New Journal Awaits

I’m near the end of another journal.
Coincidentally, it’s nearing the end of another year. This was, in no way, planned; it just worked out that way (though it is entirely convenient).
Through this journal, and those before, I can look back on the past days and be reminded of solid moments, unplanned adventures, wonderful occasions, and issues that have upset me (some of which have dogged me the entire year).
In between newspaper articles I have pasted into place alongside postage stamps, ticket stubs, and the occasional photograph, my inconsistent handwriting consistently keeps track of time. I’ve been doing this for a lot of years.
This is my life, spelled out for me; personal history in the moment.
It’s kind of neat, really.
It is what was important to me right then.
A new journal awaits.
A new year awaits.

Come and join me January 1 – 10
and write your way into a new year.
I’m presenting Going Forward, an
online guided journaling workshop.
10 days
10 prompts
10 reasons
to start journaling,
revive your daily writing,
and get in touch with
your self.

Going Forward
will address where you are,
and where you can go

There will be daily prompts,
journaling tips and discussion
with a fabulous community
going through the process with you

It’s simple
It’s fun
It’s rewarding

To sign up, or for more
Information, send an email to


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