Causes And Consequences

By Leslye Peterson-Hernandez

Socially – Divided
Politically – Screwed
Spiritually – Seeking
Environmentally – Dying
Personally – Insecure
Individually – Forever Aging
Where are we?
Everyone struggles
Well, right now I am at the bar.
I do some deep thinking,
people watching, and enjoy
Lots of Laughter.
Bukowski style –
We are all in a Hurry –
we need to slow down.
Writing out our daily to-do lists…
I said I will do nothing today.
Yet, that is the conundrum.
What does “doing nothing” mean?
We are the summation of
all the choices we have made.
No, it wasn’t my choice to be abused.
It was their choice to hurt.
We grow from the lessons we learn.
I chose to seek counsel and
learned to set boundaries.
Do we choose Anxiety?
I’ve never heard one person say they do.
Is stress a choice?
When we struggle
trying to find our voice in a world
depreciating the genuine self.
Causes and consequences.
Actions with reactions.
We need scruples.
Finding a common bond
within another soul is tasty.
Sweet, sour, comforting,
hot and spicy, soothing
as a cup of tea…
Experiencing a sense of mutuality
while realizing
we are never alone.
Even for a fleeting moment –
Who we are – Bits and pieces
of every fucking experience lived.
Environmentally –
We are destroying.
Exactly –
Only science is exact. Humans are not
Specifically – Wanting and needing
Accidentally – Homeless
Purposefully – Are we Goal setters?
That’s where I am at. One day at a time.
© 2019 L. P. Hernandez

Leslye Peterson-Hernandez is a writer from Orange County, California

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