Our World Of Today

By Heather E. Cameron

We are lost in shells of a former self 
Locked in prisons of longing 
Tucked away on the back of a shelf
Lessons learned from the wrong things 
We are stuck in a time of regression
In a boat we know will sink
Trapped in our minds of depression
With our own thoughts we no longer can think 
We are wandering these beat-up streets 
Throwing our hearts and souls away
While the oceans are no longer clean sheets 
And the skies are nothing but gray 
We are sitting in the in-between 
Waiting for the magic 
Not willing to save the scenes 
Where this play has become quite tragic 
We are headed to a place where weapons of old no longer protect us 
A place of despair and fear 
But I’m going to hitch a ride on this struggle bus  
Before we all just disappear 

@ 2019 hec_poetry 

Heather E Cameron is a poet from the small town of Wauconda IL. where you can find her drinking coffee and dreaming of big cities and wide landscapes.Follow her work on Instagram @hec_poetry 

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