This Ain’t Working

Failed attempts or application.
Unfitting. State of a nation.

Weak argument. Nothing’s ever new
Happenstance. Déjà vu.

Here and now is now or never,
the lives, the lies, go on forever.
This ain’t living.

Injustice. You can’t breathe.
Chests rise and fall, like democracy.

Architects of misery,
we can’t ignore, or let be.

Air so heavy. Birds don’t fly.
Politician postures, no one cries.
This ain’t breathing.

Build a nation or build a wall
Ignorance, above all.

Embarrassing priorities.
Prime time for all to see.

Unbalanced power, it’s not right
Hypocrisy in plain sight.
This ain’t working.

© 2019 j.g. lewis


Throughout January, Mythos & Marginalia is looking at Where We are, as witnessed by contributing writers from across this magnificent planet.

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