Thank You

Throughout the past month I have published words from other writers, each responding to the theme ‘Where We Are’. The submissions were vast, but humanity was a common theme.
Who we are with is more consequential than where we are.
Where we are is often made up of the people around us.
We feel better in the company of others, or when we show concern or care for each other.
Individually we are strong, but together we can be powerful.
This first month of a new year has been a powerful, soul-searching journey.
I’m proud of what we, as a group, accomplished over the past month. I think we all inspired each other in some way. I feel it. I know I will step forward a little wiser, and more aware, because of what was shared.
Thank you Mitch Smith, Denise McQuiston, Jamie Forget. Jennifer Hillman, Lisette Kiene, Stormy Peterson. Leslye Peterson-Hernandez, Heather Cameron, and Laurel Christie. Each of you wrote from your hearts. You made a commitment to me, and followed through with highly introspective words and thoughts.
You are all human to the core.

deep peace


02/02/2018 j.g.l.

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