Mondays are just young Fridays

My camera sits on a shelf, immobile. Unused.
  It feels like it has been months since I’ve taken it out for a walk (it probably has), and the last time I remember strapping it on, nothing caught my eye.
  It’s unusual for me not to engage with the camera, particularly since at one point in my life I used it pretty much every day.
  Then I didn’t, for a long while.
  About four years ago, after I had moved to a new city, I began using my camera equipment with regularity as a means of getting to know my new home. It was a great excuse to get out and see the people and culture, study the architecture, and enjoy life as it presented itself.
  My creativity flourished, and my photography inspired other aspects of my life.
  So why, now, do I feel so uninspired? It’s been a couple of months. I even took unplanned time away from writing for a couple of weeks
  Maybe it is the weather, or personal stuff, or maybe I need a new plan, but I’m beginning to feel that you can’t turn on creativity like a light switch. You have to work at it; you can’t just take it off the shelf when you are inspired. You have to find it.
  I know you can find inspiration every day, but if you don’t go looking for it, how do you know it is there?

03/18/2019                                              j.g.l.


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