I will call it a prayer, for lack of
a better word. It will hold more hope
than a wish; more reality than a dream.
It shall be spiritual, yes, but
not religious, certainly not
with a capital R. That kind of thing
may have its place, but not here.
Not now. Religion does not
allow for differences, as I see it, and
neither do they. Most would prefer
to have everything go their way.
My prayer, as I will call it, is one
for respect and appreciation
of our differences.
Not one of us is the same and none
of us are to blame. It is as it is, but
need not be what it was. In my prayer,
and it should not seem like a dream,
our differences would not divide us,
but make us stronger as we allow
an increased capacity of forgiveness
in thought and in action.
Acceptance comes from
surrounding ourselves with those who
may chose an unfamiliar destination,
wear a different colour of skin, or
identify by another sexual orientation
than the one we have known.
My prayer, and my hope, is one where
we will believe in others
as much as ourselves.
This is the prayer that keeps me giving
and breathing, this is a dream
that keeps me hoping and believing.


04/19/2019                                   j.g.l.



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