Coffee, fresh shirt, plans and rationalizations
see us through another day. So it goes,
each day commences with hope.
It has to. Something has to.
Deadly sins we keep within; bigotry, dishonesty,
infidelity. Silently, we weather a toxic environment.
We live. We learn. How long
until the coffee becomes bitter,
or cold? When will a shirt
become creased, or stained? Which knowledge is lost
and what remains? When do old habits return
as mistakes? Again.
Have we become complacent to lies we are sold,
or those we spit out? And we do.
Rarely do we say what we mean. Each sentence
a vapour trail. The previous, the past,
or the pathetic catches up by three, or by five.
This is how we live, or how we will die.
No aspirations. No sorrow.
Dawn to dusk, twilight then starlight. weary
or resentful, we will rest and repeat tomorrow.
Again. Hope returns. It has to. Faith.

© 2019 j.g. lewis

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