Mondays are just young Fridays

The waiting was hard.
With unseasonable weather unreasonably uncooperative, my bicycle sat stationary for far too long. Winter is always the longest season, and spring has been far from cooperative.
I was longing for the open road, or the trails and bike paths, while I waited patiently.
I’m not good at patience, it is not my natural state. Or maybe it is? I guess.
I waited (I had to), but managed to get out between rain showers on Saturday and for even longer on Sunday (a beautiful day… for so many reasons).
I was reminded (again) that traffic is not patient, nor cooperative.
I was reminded again of the freedom of a bicycle, but also of the responsibility.
I was reminded of limits (both mine and that of my bike).
I was reminded of a few simple rules that apply both to cycling or travelling through life:
-Know your direction.
-Stay in your lane
-Always watch where you are going and signal your intent to others.
-Ring your bell.
-Move at your own pace.
-Don’t take up too much space, but know what is yours.
-Let people know you are coming.
-Communication is important.
-Expect the unexpected.
-Courtesy and respect go a long way (and so can you).
I popped into a few bike shops over the weekend, replaced a tire, treated myself to a new helmet, then admired (and touched) a couple of new bikes. Maybe, I thought, later. . . but I was reminded of, perhaps, the most important lesson: make do with what you own, but more importantly, use what you have already have.

05/27/209                                        j.g.l.

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