I love opinion, even those I don’t agree with.
A good opinion shows character; and I mean a ‘good’ opinion not by right or wrong (or whether I agree with it) but by how it is expressed.
If a point of view is presented succinctly, mindfully, with conviction and personal belief, I can respect it (even if I don’t like it).
It is the wishy-washy opinions — those peppered with anecdote, references to assorted documents and dogma, quoting the views of others or reading off the script — that I have problems with. They are disingenuous, often cluttered, or conveniently slip off-topic by introducing argument and unrelated angles, as if they are not entirely certain.
I would prefer someone express no opinion than one that is half-assed or not fully thought out.
Say what YOU mean, but mean what YOU say: that is opinion.
It says what you stand for.
I’m of the opinion that if you listen to the opinions of others you will learn something.
If you listen to others, your personal point of view will be expanded, maybe even altered, or you will become more certain of your stance than ever before.

05/17/2019                                          j.g.l.

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