Right Out Of The Box

When you purchase a new pair of sneakers you are not only buying the brand, the look, or the comfort. When you buy a new pair of sneakers you are making a commitment to your self.

You are buying hope.

As spring slowly presents itself, it’s only natural that you want to become more active. You want to get outside; you want to shed that winter weight. You want to improve. Is there anything more motivating than a brand new pair of running shoes?

Inspiration right out of the box.

You buy new sneakers at a time of renewal, at a time when you’ve worn down, or worn through, an existing pair. They too were bought on the premise, or promise, of greater fitness. You bought them because you intended to run, or walk, or cross-train, your way to both feeling and looking better.

As with every new pair of running shoes, you use them exactly for what they were intended for. For a time. Yes, we all have our own pace, but exercise is the mandate. For a week or three, or like five days out of seven, you do exactly that. You continually log a few miles, or a few thousand steps, or however you measure your progress.

You may even lace them up on those days when you’re going out shopping or wandering around the city. It’s pretty easy to log four to seven thousand steps while you are out and about.

Comfort is always appreciated. As it is when you’ve got to quickly run out to the bank, or back to the office to catch up on paperwork. Then, after a while, you find yourself wearing the shoes just to saunter down to Starbucks. It becomes a habit.

Soon enough the shoes are not really running shoes, but a pair of convenient casual kicks. You don’t even bother untying the laces, you keep them a little looser and slip them on or off.

Comfort and convenience, what else could you ask for?

During the whole process you’ve maybe become a little less dedicated to that planned fitness goal. You’re still making use of the shoes, but not in the way they were designed, or the way you intended.

In time they become just another pair of sloppy, smelly, dirty old shoes.

When you realize the comfort and novelty has worn off, you decide, again, that it’s time for a new pair and a new plan.

It’s not an easy choice; there are a lot of sneakers on the market in terms of style, and purpose, and function. You might do a little research and read up on the latest models. Certainly any retail salesperson worth their salt is going to ask you your ‘why’ and ‘where’, and (of course) you might exaggerate your fitness level or fitness plans. Considering the cost, you take in the features advantages and benefits of each pair you try on. And you try on many.

You want just the right fit, the right amount of padding, traction, and even the right colour.

Damn, they all feel so good. But for how long?

The pair you select should be able to perform exactly as intended, but will you?

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