A Reminder Of The Love

It doesn’t take Fathers Day
to remind me what I have
that makes life as sweet as it is.
I have a daughter, and every
day I am blessed.
I have only one child and know
not the experience of raising
a son, or multiple children.
I know that I could, easily,
share my love further but,
perhaps, am spared the
decision on which way, or
how my attention would be
divided. I am blessed.
Today I am fortunate to be
spending the day with my
daughter. I wish all fathers a
day as wonderful as that.
Whether it is a daughter, son,
or any multiple combination
thereof, I hope you’re reminded
of the love you are a part of, and
a love that it continues to grow.
Happy Father’s Day.

06/16/2019                                             j.g.l.

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