Canadian Music

The Canada Day weekend: three
days of rest and relaxation. I’ve got
nothing planned, but enjoying the
sunshine, some barbecue and beer,
Scrabble, and the fine music of this
wonderful country.
I’m looking forward to a Toronto
Symphony Orchestra matinee on
Sunday (you simply can’t beat a live
performance), but yesterday I began
dipping into my record collection
and selecting some of the great
Canadian albums I’ve amassed over
the decades.
This is my all-Canadian weekend, a
celebration of this country’s culture.
There is a wealth of Canadian talent,
and music has long been one of our
greatest exports.
I’ve been flipping through my vinyl
and compact discs, and playing the
stuff that strikes a chord. There is
always memories in the music.
I’ve been posting album covers on
Instagram as I go:   jg_lewis
I meant to post more last night, but
simply got caught up in the music.
Drop by my feed, and let me know
about the Canadian music that
appeals to you.
Enjoy your weekend, as I will be
enjoying mine. Turn it up!

06/29/2019                                             j.g.l.

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