Mondays are just young Fridays

You don’t have to live with the choices you make.
As humans, we all have the option to change our mind; it is our right, our privilege and responsibility.
Where we live, what we eat, what we drink, what we drive (or whether we don’t drive), what we wear (the colour, the purpose, the price) are all choices.
How we engage, or relate, to other people is also a choice. Whether we seek, or discontinue, friendship is a choice we make. . . unless it is made by someone else. That would be their choice.
Relationships are choices, even the one you continue with yourself.
How do you engage with life as it happens? Are you an observer or a participant?
Do you place honesty or integrity as a fundamental value, or are you more wishy-washy in your intent?
Are you active, or passive? How do you know?
We all have choices. We all change (for better or worse) or are changed. It is all about choice.
You don’t have to live with the choices you make, unless you want to.
You decide, it is a lot more meaningful than having choices made for you.

06/03/2019                                                  j.g.l.

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