Mondays are just young Fridays

What role does doubt play in the issues you attempt to resolve each day?
  Do you question your worth, or the work you do, as you try to get past the complications in your life, or in your heart?
  Can you speak freely to emotions that appear out of nowhere, or do you doubt what you are feeling?
  Do you give a damn?
  We’ve all been through a lot; the experiences (both positive and uncertain) are what makes us human.
  We’ve all got those things (some of them going back to childhood) that we carry with us. There are layers and layers of doubt about relationships, of plans we were not able to complete, or even get around to.
  We’ve all got feelings we were not able to overcome. Many of them are so arbitrary. Many persist. They hold us back. In doing so, we may not be able to become the human we truly want to be.
  We continue to doubt.
  But why?
  Doubt always comes with questions.
  It’s more important to recognize the questions, than understand the answers.
  It is crucial to give a damn.

06/10/2019                                         j.g.l.

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